Osaru-no Oyado (Monkey's Inn)
3-23-21, Wakasa, Okinawa, Japan

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From Nights People


Welcome to our most homely and cozy hostel in Naha-city,OKINAWA,JAPAN.
It's very near from Tomarin(a port to manned solitary islands near from Naha).
It's so convenient to go to beautiful islands with emerald-greened ocean and white beach.

We will prepare a dormitory of the moderate price and a private room that can be voluminous. The relaxation feeling that came to friend's house to play is felt by me. It is possible to stay at ease even in first one because there is a female staff, too. Please stop once by all means when you come to Naha.

It was a rest and I was going to go out to travel. However, because the rest doesn't suit the friend, it is hesitant. Then, why don't you boldly do the solitary journey?
The traveler of the solitary journey is more than the half among those who stay about Monkey's Inn.

It is possible to stay at ease even by woman's solitary journey because the female staff also descends. When the solitary journey is refused at another hostels, one person travel is especially welcomes at the busy time of summer though it seems to be a lot of.
Will be likely to be able together it to go to play, and to exchange information on travel by happily becoming it in a joint room. Memories of the traveler of the solitary journey not obtained in two people or more are the real pleasure of Okinawa.




From Naha Airport

Taxi - About 1200 yen. 15 minutes

Train - 290 yen. 15 minutes train journey plus an additional 20 minutes for walking.
Look for the airport monorail station (Naha-Kuko station/??????. Take the monorail towards Shuri station/??? and alight after 7 stops at Miebashi station/????. Walk towards the direction of Tomari port and follow the walking directions from the Tomari port section.

Bus - 220 yen. 30 minutes bus journey plus an additional 10 minutes for walking.
Take bus 99 at the bus stop right outside Naha airport. Inform the bus driver that you would like to stop at Tomari Takahashi (????. Follow the walking directions from the Tomari port section.

From Tomari port/Tomari Takahashi bus stop
The port is right behind the Tomari Takahashi (????bus stop. Walk against the direction of traffic, and turn right at the first traffic junction. Walk straight all the way for about 5 minutes and you will see the Okinawa boatman association on your right. Keep walking straight and you will find the guesthouse on your right.

Airport transfer - 1000 yen. Available from 9am -7pm daily
At the end of your stay, we can provide airport transfer service from the hostel to the airport. Please notify the guesthouse staff in advance.