Kitahorie 1-12-9, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan

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From Nights People


A simple Dormitory hostel in Americantown Shinsaibashi and Namba. Very well located Hostel .

Horie where our hostel is, is an area for observing some of the more 'fashion intense' manifesta of young people in Osaka. So very good for shopping or easy hanging around .Starbucks coffee or any other cafes and restaurants ,night clubs or bars ,department store , everything you need is walking distance. Maybe the best for night cruising in Osaka . The nearest subway is 1 minute .

American town is 1 minutes , Dortombori and shinsaibashi 5 minutes, Osaka castel is 15 minutes by subway Aquarium also. Shinsekai (Old Osaka)
and Den Den town (Electric appliance district ) are 10 minutes.

Laundry machine and towels are YEN 200 .
Free wifi and computers .Sharing rest room and shower.




From the Airport KIX :
Take JR line from the airport. Choose an express Kansai Airport Rapid or Haruka that goes towards Osaka.

After some stops (within about 40 minutes), you will reach Tennoji station. Now change to the Osaka City Subway. By subway you head off to ' Yotsubashi' station , station number is ' Y14 ' . From Yotsubashi sta ,go to Gate number 6, turn right and go staright along the street (against the flow of traffic). At the first signal corss, turn right after Family Mart , go straight for about one minute , You'll soon see a tiny wooden Cafe Florian . The gate to the Hostel is on left side to Cafe , push 705 buzzer.