Guesthouse Caminoro
2F 3F 2-6-7 Nishimikuni,Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan

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CaminoRo is a small, family-run guesthouse.

Unlike big, chain hostels in busy districts, we cannot provide famous night-life or popular shopping malls within walking distance. But staying with us, you will be able to experience two different sides of the city, because we are located in a traditional roofed shopping street, where is not touristy, and also visiting touristy spots is easy, as transport is convenient. Make your trip unique through staying in our characteristic shopping street that is very authentic and energetic with real Osaka people!

Easy access to Shin-Osaka(Shinkansen/Bullet train) station!
(25-30 min walk. Take subway if you don't like to take a long walk)
This is Osaka's gate for Hiroshima, Tokyo, Kyoto and more cities!

*Umeda/JR Osaka Sta.(North downtown)-15min (3 stops from Mikuni, our closest station)
*Namba/Shinsaibashi/Dotombori(South downtown)-30min
(7 stops from Higashi-Mikuni, our nearby subway station)

Easy access to neighboring cities!
*Kyoto- 1 hour/JPY390(by Hankyu train)
*Kobe- 35 min/JPY310(by Hankyu train)

Google Map does not help to find us!!

--Private Rooms-----------------------------------------------
Basic Twin Private(JPY5,400/room) = Japanese Style Private Room with tatami mat floor.
Try the traditional way of sleeping! (Two sets of futon provided)

Standard Twin Private(JPY5,800/room) = Modern Japanese Style Room with twin beds.
Bigger than Japanese Style Private Room. Recommended if you have big suitcases.

--WE DO NOT TAKE----------------------------------------------
*Credit card(CASH ONLY)
*Groups of more than 5 persons
*Children under 10 yrs old.
(we cancel your booking and are not responsible for hostelworld non-refundable fees)

*Regular check-in 15:00~23:00 (you can leave luggage from 08:00~/contact for late-night check-in)
*Women-only shower(total 3 showers for all guests)
*Max.12 guests
*Tight security entrance
*No curfew
*Safe neighborhood
*Smoke-free property
*Locker for valuables
*ATM(Postoffice) located next door
*PC/wireless LAN

---About us--------------------------------------------------
We are a couple in our mid-thirties with a baby girl. After having gained experiences in travel, study abroad and hotel related industries, we decided to run a guesthouse for foreign travelers.
We were helped a lot when we lived in foreign countries, so it is our turn to help people from overseas! Living in the guesthouse building, we are able to give you sufficient help and maintain the place nicely.




// PLEASE PRINT OUT THE MAP SHOWN AS OUR PHOTO. Google Map does't help find us!! //

----- From Kansai Int'l Airport -----------------------
For Osaka Station. Get off at 'Hotel New Hankyu'(60min) for Hankyu Umeda Station. Hankyu is a privately operated railway.
Take a LOCAL train either for 'Takarazuka' or 'Hibarigaoka' on the platform 4, 5 or 6(most likely from 5).
Mikuni Station is the third stop(7min). Express trains do NOT stop at Mikuni.
Airport to Umeda JPY1500
Umeda to Mikuni JPY180.

// JR Pass Holder? //
Take JR Airport Express 'HARUKA' to Shin-Osaka, and take subway to HIgashi Mikuni(one stop)
or walk to us with the map.You can walk from Shin-Osaka, although it is NOT recommended
if you wouldn't like to have a long walk.
See instructions below for details.

Regular Trains: JR and Nankai are available to Osaka city area.
There are several ways to approach Umeda or JR
Osaka station.(both north downtown) From the north downtown area,
please come to Mikuni by Hankyu. Please research by your self for more details.

-----From JR Osaka Station / Umeda Area-------------
Go to Hankyu UMEDA Station and take a LOCAL train either for 'Takarazuka' or 'Hibarigaoka'
on the platform 4, 5 or 6(most likely from 5).
Mikuni Station, our closest station is the third stop(7min).

----- From nearby stations -------------------------------
Nearest station from us = 'Mikuni(Hankyu Train)'

We are located in a roofed shopping street.(arcade) There is a clock suspended from the ceiling of the shopping street,
and we are located almost under the clock. The first floor of our building is a laundry with a blue and yellow sign,
almost same color as ours. Please find our brown entrance door and ring the bell.

## Mikuni Station(Hankyu Takarazuka Line) ##
Take North Exit, left from the ticket gate, and step down to the ground level.
The roofed shopping street is on the right side across the traffic light over the taxi terminal.
We are located on your left a little before you reach the end of the shopping street. 6-7 min. walk.

## Higashi Mikuni Station(Subway Midosuji- Red-Line) ##
Taking 'Exit 5' is very important. From Exit 5, turn right at the corner and go straight to the roofed shopping street.
Once you reach the shopping street, you'll find us on your right in less than 1 min. next to a small post office. 10-15 min walk.

## JR and Subway Shin-Osaka Station ##
-If you wouldn't like to take a long walk, we suggest you to take subway and get Higashi Mikuni Station, which is one stop from Shin Osaka.

Nissey Bldg. is the first landmark to find the right direction. The easiest way to find it is to get out of the station through 'Shinosaka Hankyu Bldg.'(North Gate), near Shinkansen Central Exit/Entrance. Take the elevator, just out of door next to MacDonald's in Hankyu Bldg. and get down to the ground floor. Go left a little and you'll see Nissay Bldg.(Brown color) on your right. Go to the other side of the Bldg., where there is a Star Bucks. You'll see a UFJ Bank(red sign) on the intersection across the road. Walk one block to the west and turn right at Toyota Car Rental(green sign) and to the left at the 4th traffic light. (Garden Hair Salon) Pizza-La(delivery pizza) is on your right between the 4th traffic light and our roofed shopping street. After getting the shopping street, you'll find us on your right in less than 1 min, next to a small post office.

It takes about 20-25 min or more if you get lost, from Shin-Osaka. If you take a taxi, taking it near 'Nissay Bldg' saves you money.

-----From Osaka Int'l Airport(Itami Airport)------------
Take Osaka Monorail for Hotarugaike(1 stop/3 min) and transfer to Hankyu Line.
Take a local and Mikuni, our nearest station, is the sixth station.(12 min)