PBG Koe House
3639 Funatu Minamitugun, Fujikawaguchikomachi, Mount fuji, Japan

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Koe House is located at the foot of Kawaguchiko station. It is only 1min walk to the popular Lake Kawaguchi or Lake sai area which is famous for hot springs and museums.
Mount Fuji, 5th Station for climbing, is 1-hour bus ride from Kawaguchiko Station.
Koe House is located within a 5-minute walk to convenience store and supermarket, so it’s very convenient to go wherever in the city.
Koe House is recommended for those who want to experience the comfortable at-home atmosphere during your stay in Japan.


    ・Free Wi-Fi ・Restaurant ・Landry machine ・Room with facilities for boiling water and microwave. ・Bicycle rental (The number is limited, 150 yen per hour 1000 yen for day.) ・Towel rental (Big toewl 200 yen, Small towel 100 yen) ・Free parking is available with advance reservation. Non-smoking in the Hostel. You can smoke at the smorking area. ( beside the entrance or balcony on the 2nd floor) Vending machine (outside)


By Train Narita Airport - (Narita Express 60min.) - Shinjyuku St. (JR Chuo Line 60min.) - Otsuki St. (Fujikyuukou Line 50min.) - Kawaguchiko St.
By Bus Natita Airport- (Airport bus 90min.) - Shinjyuku South Bus terminal (Fujikyuu Bus 105min.) - Kawaguchiko St.
By Train Haneda Airport -(Kyokyu Line 20min.) - Shinagawa St. (JR Yamanote Line 20min.) - Shinjyuku St. (JR Chuo Line 85min.) - Otsuki St. (Fujikyuukou Line50min.) - Kawaguchiko St.
By Bus Haneda Airport - (Fujikyuukou Bus 130min.) - Kawaguchiko St.