Guest House YULULU
Kinosita Cho 288, Kyoto, Japan

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Guest House YULULU is a small japanese house in downtown kyoto.

There are 3 private rooms and mix dorm. A private room is japanese style room. You will sleep on HUTON.
Each dorm bunk has a privacy curtain and a wall and light and soket , so you can feel like small private room. All traveler sleep on TATAMI and HUTON. We have free WIFI, air conditioning and kitchen free coffee/tea. The shower is open 24H.

In this area has some art gallery, cafe, bar, bookstore, music club and japanese traditional culture on mix town.



ANEKOJI-street to east 200m on left side

From KANSAI airport
JR Line
airport →Kyoto→Karasumaoike on foot 3min YululuGH
about ¥3000 2h

Nankai and Osaka subway and Hankyu  Line
airport →Tengachaya→Awaji→Karasuma on foot 10min YululuGH
about ¥1600 2h
TAKAKURA-street to north 500m cross ANEKOJI-street