Peace House Sachi
1-3-2, Taishi, Nishinari-ku, Osaka, Japan

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Welcome to Peace House Sachi!

The Peace House group provides ideal accommodation in the convenient part of Osaka and Kyoto for a wide range of travelers and long term stayers. Peace House Sachi is a guest house in Osaka for both travelers and long terms. It is only 30 sec away from Subway Dobutsuenmae Station and minutes away from 3rd biggest down town, shopping arcades, Nipponbashi Electronic/Animation Town, Museum, Tennoji Zoo & more. With cosy rooms and friendly staff, we offer convenient, secure services and a homely atmosphere with some of the best prices in the city.

The budget private room is a small room with a bunk bed. The room is very small but the price is cheaper than a dormitory in other hostels.

10 bed dormitory is 1 floor with 5 bunk beds. It's actually separated into 5 small rooms with curtain so the room may look small but you have your privacy. It's more like a capcel room than a 10 bed dorm.

You can also put your big luggage just outside the small room (still within the 10 bed dorm room). The rooms seems small, but we have a big living room and a big kitchen on the 1st floor where you can meet other travelers.

If you are looking for a budget private room and a dorm in a convenient location for the budget price we are the one for you! The rooms maybe small, but we have a big living room with full kitchen where you can meet other guests.

Make Peace House your home in Osaka!




From Subway Dobutsuen station, come out from exit 2. Turn right and make the first left, you'll see a small orange building with 'SACHI' sign next to a big black building.

From JR Shinimamiya station, come out from east exit. Turn right and go to the intercection. Go accross the tragic light and go accross another trafic light so you'll end up at the subway Dobutsuenmae exit 4. From exit 4, if you face JR Shinimamiya station, walk right side and turn right at the first street, you'll see a small orange building with 'SACHI' sign next to a big black building.

From Kansai International Airport:
By train:
Take the Nankai Line directly to Shinimamiya (Special Rapid Service 45-50min/ 890yen or Rapit 34min/ 1390yen). It's 7 min walk from Nankai Shinimamiya line to the east.
Take the JR train to Tennoji and then 1 more station to Shinimamiya station on a loop line. It takes about 55 min/ 1030yen.
By bus: Take a bus to Namba (1000yen) then take JR to Shinimaya (4min/ 120yen)Subway to Dobutsuenmae (4min/ 200yen).
By taxi: around 15000yen

From Shin-Osaka:
Subway Midosiji line will take you to Dobutsuenmae station directly in approx. 20min/270yen. If you have a JR pass, you may take JR to Osaka station then to Osaka Loop line. It takes about 25min/210yen to get to Shinimamiya station.

From Osaka (Umeda):
You can get to either JR Shinimamiya station or Subway Dobutsuenmae station without transfer whichever you take. JR costs you 170yen and takes slightly more time (Approx. 16min) while subway takes you about 12min/230yen.

From Domestic (Itami) Airport:
Take a shuttle bus to the Tennoji bus stop. We are only 10min from the bus stop.

From Kyoto
Take JR line to Osaka station (Special Rapid Service), change the train to JR Osaka Loop line. Shinimamiya station is 8 stops away from Osaka station.